Sunday, August 24, 2014

The end II

I have had this waffle maker since I was about 15.
Andy has used it to make waffles for our kids SO MANY TIMES!
It died last night.
Goodbye old waffle maker friend.
It sure was a good one!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The end

Today marks the end of my Summer!  Every Summer on this day I have the strangest set of emotions.
Mainly I want to weep.
I do not want to leave my children to go back to the rat race.
I do not want to rush around all day and have to devote so much of my energy to my career.
Then, I remember, 
omm...They are all THRILLED to go back to school!
They cannot wait to know who is going to be in their class and who their teacher will be.
They are saturated with free time, eachother, and summer overall.
So am I.
Today my {big cry} came in the parking lot of the Library as I walked to my car in the hot sun with my final Summer check out in my hand (another Mary Kay Andrews book).
I wept.
I felt very emotional and sad, I lamented the loss of summer as I walked down the aisle buying {goodies} at Food Lion.
Then a little voice behind me said, "Hey Miss Hill!"  I turned around to greet the child and she quickly hid behind her Mama's leg being a bit shy.
I recognized her face, she is in my bus line.
Then it hit me!
No more sadness!
I am ready!
Ready for random hugs all day long by little teeny people.
Ready for my {me time} in my office in the morning.
Ready for lunch in silence and peace.
Ready to see the excitement in my own childrens' faces when they talk about their new adventures!
And here those sweetie pies are, watching scooby doo on Eva's I Pad mini---

Monday, August 11, 2014

I am still here --back from vacation

We just got home from a week at the beach.
It was so much fun!
The ocean at Kill Devil Hills was warm.
It was a bit rough a couple of the days, but then quickly calmed down so that we call could swim.
Andy and Joel rented stand up paddle boards and we all had a turn to paddle around in the sound.
I even caught a wave in the ocean!! {sitting down} LOL.
I do have picture evidence...but it is scant.
I will share soon.
My children are not always cooperative with the photo snapping these days and I often sabotage their fun when I bring the camera out.
So, some of my favorite images of our vacation are just going to exist in my mind and in my memory.
I am going to write about those with great detail so that maybe, later on, I can conjure those images up in my mind when I need them.

Meanwhile, back at home--it is sofa washing time folks!
It is vinyl siding washing time!
It is wind down and hold on time b/c the roller coaster ride of a new school year is about to start.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

To be a fan of the underdog

This post has been writing itself to me since I was at the beach in June.
The Mayor came to sit with my Mama and me on the porch.
He talked and talked, and all that he had to say was thoroughly entertaining.
He was wiring a house up at Corolla, at least 7,000 square feet!
"How was Mama dog?" my mama asked him...
"Oh, she's alright, you know she has to eat a biscuit every morning.  I take her one each day," he said "before I head out to work"
I just listened.  We sat on the swing drinking cheap beer, enjoying the breeze...
Mama dog, is a stray that no one owns, I learned.
The mayor does not own her either, but each day for eight years he has taken her a biscuit.
We also talked about "Youngblood" his girlfriend.  
I was just listening and listening while my Mama and the mayor caught up.
Yeah...Youngblood is much younger than he, and she is the black sheep of her family..(he, of course, did not say this..I deduced it).
Another underdog in his trail of daily interactions, I thought.
Then my Mama and I sat on the swing and we talked and we talked.
I began to ponder the people around me who are fans of the underdogs.
While other people are worrying about how to {get ahead}, or "keep up appearances", or "maintain the status quo"...the list goes one with cotidiana preoccupations, the fans of underdogs walk through the day spotting people who might be down trodden and who the world has {sh!tt3d on}.
Then, they go about finding simple ways to make the day of the underdog better.

There is probably another group of people who can spot the underdogs and sympathize with them, but they do not make it a priority to change anything.

People who are fans of the underdog might look mousy, like they don't care.
They might drink cheap beer or liquor.
They probably drive old beat up trucks and have jobs that do not pay all that well.
They might have simple, cheap hobbies like fishing off the pier or grilling out in the yard.

The use their money to take biscuits to stray dogs, they take their time to 
mow the grass for old ladies and don't charge a dime,
look out for friends who are down on their luck....
The list goes on.
I do intend to keep studying and looking out for these people.
They are very interesting characters, and one does not come across them frequently.
But if one is lucky enough to come across a fan of the underdog, one is lucky enough!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

{new} rooms

We have been re organizing and cleaning out.
An old porch became an inhabitable {sun} porch. ;).
So here we have pictures of three very happy children, each of whom has his/her own room as of yesterday!
Three cheers for Grandaddy!--Really more cheers than that... really, cheers to infinity and beyond, but I am a traditionalist and the saying goes, "Three cheers"
You will have to see the next post to look at pictures b/c I have not done this the correct way to put the fotos here...
Stay tuned! :)

Glitter and Glue, by Kelly Corrigan

I read this book and as I was reading I kept folding up pages.  This is what I do when I read as I come across stuff that I want to read again, or literary passages that are so profound I hope that I can remember them {forever}. hmm. hmm. ;).

So I read the book Glitter and Glue recently and it was really about mothers and daughters.  If you are a mother or a daughter, you should read it. 
The story itself was not all that {wonderful}.  It was not wonderful in the way that it is just irresistible and it just sucks you in.  The author, Kelly Corrigan, does however, have a way with words.  Usually, I observed, at the ends of the chapters she would stick some wonderful tidbit of life observed and then written down!

So, before I took the book back to the library I took pictures of the pages that included greatness!  The ones that were dog eared from the bottom--I just took fotos of them.
I will share quotes here:

"Martin announces he's done, Finished, my mom corrects.
Are you a slab of meat? "

This one hits home b/c my own Mama hates it when people say they are "done".  It drives her crazy!  I remember my third grade teacher hated it too!  So we are all well trained to say we are, "finished"  --no "I'm done, Grandma" around way! No sir!...

Here is another:
"That's the thing about mothers.  Once the containment ends and the on becomes two
Forget trying to memorize is a picture of the page! LOL
Look at the eighth paragraph down.  Are you able to read it?  It is beautiful!  It begins, "The thing..."
There are so many more quotables in this book, which to me is the talent of Kelly Corrigan.
I kept waiting for her profound tidbits! :)

Read the paragraph that begins, "While he told me about playing golf..."
That one is wonderful! :)
I took six more pictures of pages of this book, but I think that my bloggy friends should just check this book out at this point and read it, it is great! :)