Thursday, January 22, 2015

Did y'all know...

That people {sell} their kids??
This is how it was presented to me by a colleague.
This is the language she used, "Oh yeah and come tax time, people sell their kids."
I was FLAbbERGAsted, to say the least!
Of course I asked her what in the world she was talking about, and then
she and the teacher's asst. proceeded to tell me exactly how this happens.

Say a woman has eight children, no husband, and does not file taxes.
She will let another person--who the hell ever--probably a friend, who DOEs work
"claim" her kids on their tax form.
So that other person gets money back from having kids--
and then that person and the mom split the money!

Stuff like this makes me crazy!
Esp. since I sit across the table from moms ALL WEEk LONG, who quit school in ninth grade, have upwards of five kids, have never worked, have no husbands or spouses (and therefore no support at home), are homeless, dejected, demoralized, dependent.

It is all quite maddening.
I do wish that politicians would come and shadow people who actually work with the public so that THEy could see what {poor} looks like.
Pouring more and more money into programs--just makes people need more programs, apparently.
AND, when they can't get enough from a program, they can find some fraudulent manner to get more money.  The question is not Republican (no more programs!) or Democrat (more support via programs), but what should be done, completely differently so that poor people would take responsibility for their welfare, and not be completely institutionalized.
something needs to be done.  something completely different.

So. Sad.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Up on the soap box {again!}

My rant today is all about being "on demand"
For years Andy and I did not even have cell phones.
During that time I realized that I really enjoyed not being summoned all the time.
Two years ago we signed up for the cell phones again.
Let me tell you, the cell phone is a major source of anxiety in my life!
The cell phone has created an atmosphere/social situation in which everyone thinks they 
can just change plans at the last minute and it's okay b/c they can text or call everyone.
You know what, What's wrong with just sticking with the damn plan?
I have therapy patients who have parents who need to text or call me three times 
Really...this appt. happens at the same time MULTIPLE TIMES PER WEEK!
It ends at the SAME TIME every time...
If  you are three minutes late--who in the world cares?
Just come don't have to text me to tell me you are at the stop light and on the way!
If your child is sick and not coming--I will figure that out when they don't show up!  No worries.
Or, you can call me and leave me a msg. with the secretary.
I don't have to read five texts from you.
My phone sits on my desk and freaking buzzes ALL DAY LONG!!
This afternoon when I was FINALLY OFF WORK and I got in my car
what happened?
You guessed it!  That little joker started buzzing and freaking buzzing.
Someone decided to CHANGE A PLAN.
Well you know what?  Too fucking late!  That's what.
You made the plan yesterday...and I am sticking with it!
The stress I feel when that phone buzzes one time after another is just
My new policy:  leave it in the car when I get home and just ignore the world.
That is my PLAN!  --and I tend to be a "stick with the plan" kinda girl.
I think that a long time ago people did not do this.  They had to make plans and stick with the plan.
People could not be summoned at the drop of a dime, and I bet people were a lot calmer.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Remember to eat your peas {and collards}.

Black Eyed Peas are a staple of New Year's Eve/day around here.
We always ate them when I was little.
They give you good luck for the new year, you know.
My sister used to take about three like pills b/c she did not like to eat them, LOL!
That was a creative solution, no?

Collards are said to bring wealth.
That was something other people said, and I am sure it is a regional 
tradition, but we did not do that at my house.

In a bit, I am off to get my peas from my Mama's house.
Some for me, and some for the kids.
We all need good fortune, and my kids will actually eat peas.
I will bring some home for Andy.
We are gonna eat oysters for our NYE meal, and watch Taylor Swift on TV.

We do not have any collards to eat, that I know of, but I might find some by the end of the day...
You just never know, collards are pretty ubiquitous around here.
Don't these look yummy?
I can tell you, they are. :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Eva playin babies {2}

Eva was playing and playing this morning.  I just love to watch her play.  While she played I ate breakfast, worked out, and showered.  This whole time she was just a playin!  When I was in my room getting ready (see bottom picture) she was sitting on my bed cutting up a piece of yellow cardboard into tiny bits.  For a brief second I thought...why in the world is that so fun for all kids?  Mindlessly cutting up paper into tiny's done by all kids all over, and cleaned up by all moms.  I did not say one word, and I quickly quelled all negative thoughts.  I just watched and listened.  Turns out she was making homemade macaroni and cheese for her babies! yep.  A foodie mom, that Eva is!  She said her babies just love it.  They love all the food she makes, "They will eat anything in the whole state!"  --that is how good her babies are!  After they ate half the bowl of homemade mac n cheese she read them a book.  Then they took a drive in the doll baby car.  Those babies have it good, real good!
This post sort of harkens back to my old posts.  I realized that I want to keep this stuff in my memories.  It is absolutely precious to me.  Precious.  
PS--on a not-so-precious note, I have to be the freakin tooth fairy and Santa tonight!  WTF??
Andy is at work, so a lot of imaginary shit is all on my shoulders tonight.  For a person who finds {pretend} play to be so enchanting, having to pretend my ownself presents quite a burden for me!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The last road trip {home}

Suzanne had driven this drive for twelve years.  She could check herself out at exit 273B and check back in when she had to make the big U turn to get onto 264.  No biggie.  Only this time her Toyota Camry was filled to the brim with babies and stuff.  She had all the last bits of stuff from the condo and two toddlers in the car, and she was headed to her furnished and well-loved house in Wishington. The first thing she would want to do was drink a cold beer with her friend under the carport at her house and just hang out.  Maybe a road trip to the beach for the day was in the cards...just like in high school.
Suzanne sought out all the fun things to do in Wishington.  Each Saturday there was a local farmer's market downtown on the waterfront! (yippie!)  She did want to go back to her church and just see where she wanted to go to church....the little, country church where she grew up, or the bigger in-town church where she was confirmed and attended youth group--such a toss up! Meanwhile Randy was investigating a new career, one that would have him working in town, instead of traveling all the time (which had driven Suzanne a bit crazy, what with all the babies and all).
Suzanne and Randy spent the summer fighting and making up, and eating {Friday night  pizza} straight out of the Animal Vegetable Miracle recipes.  They went swimming in the river and at the Country Club Pool--as {visitors} of Randy's parents.  The summer was a mix of crazy, mad, and fun. They only had the fall to look forward to, which would bring a new job for Suzanne and more school for Randy.  --More. School.
Suzanne's {friends} had yet to come out of the woodwork.  That one from highschool was mostly in Hiding--there were no spur of the moment moments of camaraderie.  Some times people from far away ventured into the swamp to visit--and that was awesome!
Suzanne quickly realized that going to the grocery store up the road was an invitation to FREAK out. There was zero anonimity.  If you were to bet a pay check on seeing a known person--you could make double pay all the time.  She ALWAys saw someone she knew.  Or, she knew people who knew her (mama and daddy) were all around.  Yes.  True.
She was still blissful, however.
Still full of bliss!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

back to the condo

I realized, after I wrote that last post, that there was nothing about a condo in the post!
The condo was the cozy little spot where Randy and Suzanne and their two toddlers camped out with the bare minimum before they moved back to Wishington.  It was old, the tub only ran scalding hot water, there was only one eye on the stove--it was bare bones, but it was still in a place that was near TJ Maxx, a Harris Teeter, a get the picture.
The condo living was kind of fun.  Plus Suzanne had all the excitement of knowing that soon she would be back in her picturesque small town surrounded by all of the people she {knew} and loved.
The six weeks of living in that Condo were dear ones.  The children caught lightening bugs in the grassy yard.  They ate mulberries from the mulberry bush in the yard.  Suzanne spent her time reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, and Skinny Bitch.  Both of these books would be very influential for Suzanne for the whole summer to come.  Meanwhile, Randy continued to travel for his beloved job as an archaeologist.  He was not at the condo too much.  They also enjoyed those last several weeks by going to farmers' markets, and music festivals all over their urban jungle paradise.
So that is the condo in a nutshell.
Fun.  Short.  Sweet.  Bare bones.  It was the last chapter in Suzanne's story of living not in her town.
Soon, they were off!
Next stop, A road trip {home} to stay.

Monday, December 15, 2014

The condo and transitions

The house was sold!  Suzanne had to find a new place to be.  She put the word out in her office and quickly found a small condo in the small city nearby to stay in for her transition period.  She and hubby could finish up the school year and then head back home.
Over Easter they had the opportunity to have a sneak preview of what moving home would be like.  They had moved all of their posessions (besides the bare minimum) into the rental house/grandma's house in Wishington. So an Easter break in the house would be a little taste of what life would be like after the big move.
The house was so sweet!  So cute on the outside, and completely fixed up on the inside.  Freshly re-finished hard wood floors, freshly painted walls.  The memory from that partial week would never leave that little snapshop memory place in Suzanne's mind.
The house felt very cold, and the paint smell was noxious!
A tiny feeling of panic set in.  Suzanne was realizing that she was leaving behind...all of her anonimity, all of her whole foods, all of her friends, all of the malls and intrigue the bigger move
The easter bunny came --in Wishington--as he would for years to come.